The Bizarre World of Kinky Sex
Part 1

The following series was created with a sense of fun. The artists do not encourage violence towards others or non consentual sexual advances. All cartoons portrayed herein are models over 18 years of age. Proof on file.

Shame & Scandal
A wise pervert once quipped “Sex isn’t dirty unless you’re doing it right!” It’s funny because it’s true. But is sex dirty? Of course not. Then why do people have such foolish hangups about it? We decided as artists to investigate this burning question.

Westerners in general are more secretive and sensitive about sexual relations than most Europeans. Could it be due to the European media’s role in portraying sexual acts on TV as opposed to violence? Most likely, but the debate continues... At any rate, people continue to have sex, kinky or not. So have fun, be inventive but be careful. Always remember the old maximum, “Watch out for the bouncing ball, a child is soon to follow.”

Pleasant dreams...