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For Catholics Only - The Confessional

The most disturbing and dangerous aspect of most organized (especially western) religions is the obsession, suppression and unhealthy preoccupation of sex. One of the most ridiculous examples is that of the Catholic Church. By not allowing priests and nuns to marry and have open sexual unions they foster secret unnatural relations such as child molestation or closet homosexuality. This painting is working overtime on several levels:
1) Both of the artists were raised in the Catholic religion (and detested it!).
2)Many of the acts portrayed here have been documented throughout the history of the Catholic oppression. From the early days of the bad popes to friendly Father Porter.
3) The bottom center panel (by M.S.) is a tribute to the painter Max Ernst. Ernst portrayed the Virgin Mary chastising Jesus, here Shores paints “Jesus spanking the virgins” (one of the lesser known stories of the bible).

acrylic on canvas