So Close At Hand

In this work we examine the futility of our modern age. These two fine young people, both good looking and intelligent, are satisfying their sexual needs in the only way they can, by self stimulation. No great sin in this, we all do it and can attest that it is a pleasure in itself. But why can’t these nice folks who are so close at hand, neighbors in fact, get together and share the joys of their carnal desire? Perhaps someday they will and we wish them much happiness. Until then let us look at the way in which the male of the species “does his thing” and then proceed to the female. Our young hero is really hooked into a world of influences, porn videos, magazines, alcohol, etc. We realize that the male is extremely affected by outside visual stimuli. The woman on the other “hand” internalizes her desire with wonderful sexual fantasies of her own creation. Who is right? Neither, they both are in good hands!

acrylic on canvas
© 2002 Sharkart Studios