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Fill Her Up! (The Enemates)

The eroticism of enemas might well be referred to as “spankings second cousin.” This comes as no surprise as fanatics of big bare bottoms will often find other things to do other than just warming them up. Many who take pleasure in receiving corporal punishment also derive same from anal insertion whether by natural or artificial means. The double thrill being the flow of the liquid into one’s derriere making you feel dirty and clean at the same time. In this fantasy depiction we observe the strong Nubian Goddess dominating over a blonde Nordic princess. The manner in which our blonde beauty is laid out makes her look to the world like a classic chassis being tanked up at the penoid orgasmo filling station. The little colonic health fairies are present to help keep everything sanitary and spanking fresh. Remember, cleanliness is next to Godliness!

acrylic on canvas