© 2006 Sharkart Studios

The Drag Kings Meet The Drag Queens
aka The Fashion Show

Portrayed here is a whacked out fashion show in which, you guessed it, the models are men. It appears though, that these “queens” have not quite gotten it quite right. Whereas the female drag kings in the audience are fairly accurately portraying themselves as men, the models on the runway could hardly be confused with women, at least any we know of on this planet.

Transvestism, one of the oldest fetishistic activities is well documented in most societies dating back to ancient days. It is also one of the standard shticks of may famous actors and comedians. Does anyone remember Uncle Milty (Milton Berle)? He frequently appeared on fifties television in a dress, wig and make up-badly applied. Come to think of it he resembles the dark haired model on our fashion runway.

Oh well, boys will be girls and girls will be boys and a good time was had by all concerned.!

acrylic on canvas